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- Conservation, Food & Water Sustainability, Skill Based Education -

Iganyana Camp

Iganyana is a bush camp located in Zimbabwe on a private concession near Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls. With views of the ancient Dete Vlei riverbed, it is renowned for its tented accommodations and seeks to provide visitors with a comfortable safari experience. It is home to many different species of unique animals, including elephants, lions, and rhinoceros.


To discover more about our initiatives near this safari paradise please contact us via our website and how you can support the Foundation's efforts to make the world a better place.

Focused Initiatives


Food & Water Sustainability

Skill-Based Education

Conservation efforts are crucial in Zimbabwe as the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, and rhinos, which are often targeted by poachers for their valuable ivory, pelts, and other body parts. Poaching not only decimates these species but it also fuels illegal wildlife trade, corruption and violence. Conservation efforts can help to protect these species and preserve their habitats for future generations to enjoy.

Food sustainability is a significant concern in Zimbabwe because of the nation's ongoing food insecurity from a combination of climate change, economic hardship, and political unrest. Enhancing Zimbabwe's food sustainability may boost farmers' and their communities' quality of life while also ensuring that the nation has enough food. Implementing vertical farming and aquaponic concepts can assist in reducing water and soil use and allows for greater scalability.

Access to medical care is a critical issue due to Zimbabwe's severe shortage of healthcare workers and resources. In rural areas, basic healthcare services are frequently absent and the metropolitan healthcare systems are underfunded and overcrowded.  Increasing access to medical treatment of preventable diseases in rural areas can help reduce the burden that health issues place on the nation. The health and wellbeing of the populace may be improved by involving rural local leaders, purchasing necessary medical equipment, and giving more local personnel basic medical training.

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Get Involved

Volunteers are presently needed to assist with initiatives in Zimbabwe and other countries in southern Africa. Click the button below if you have expertise or an interest in conservation and sustainability, vertical farming, hydroponics, biology, ecology, solar projects, game ranger, anti-poaching, field/combat medical, or if you simply want to get in and work with our team members.

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