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Our Mission

Through service-oriented initiatives The Lifeline Foundation provides veterans and everyday people who support our projects a renewed sense of purpose and the chance to use their skills, (re)igniting their desire to continue to serve. 

Who We Are

The last 20 years of combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria have placed an untold burden on service members around the world. In countries such as the UK, U.S., and Australia, less than 5% of the nation's population has ever served at a given time in the armed services. This often leaves veterans feeling isolated and disconnected from their community and makes their re-adjustment to civilian life even more difficult.

In August 2021, U.S. forces were chaotically withdrawn from Afghanistan. This ended America's longest war, but also gave the Taliban back control of the country overnight. After decades of sacrifice and now allies being left behind, many service members and their families carry new emotional scars and question if it was all worth it. Despite the decision that was made, veterans still have the drive to make the world, for all of humanity, a better place. 


It is crucial that the veteran community and their families are provided the tools and assistance to help them thrive in civilian life. Along side the The Lifeline Foundation, we can help them build up new communities so they know that their service, in any capacity, matters.

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Why It Matters
Image by Samuel Branch
How You Can Support
Veteran Support

Veterans have diverse experiences, a variety of skills, and often find support and camaraderie in connecting with others who can share in those experiences. By accepting your time or monetary donations, The Lifeline Foundation can continue to provide a lasting purpose to veterans and their families that has a significant influence on communities all over the world.

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