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Our Initiatives

We provide direct aid in addition to partnering with other charities providing food sustainability, life support, disaster response, physical security, evacuation/resettlement and education to people around the world. Our holistic approach to volunteerism focuses on seeking to understand, safety and education, and cooperation for enduring change where assistance can eventually be reduced. Our experience through military service has taught us we can thrive in harsh and remote environments given a strong purpose and goal. This lends well to our initiatives and missions where we can continue our service globally.

Long-Term Initiatives

Creating sustainability and a promising future through: 

Skill-Based Education

Supporting skill-based education to create self-sufficient communities in a sustainable manner.

Food & Water Sustainability

Providing community water sources and micro Farming Initiatives (Vertical Farming and Hydroponic Farming echo systems).


Reducing the negative impact in the human/animal conflict through conservation education.

Event-Driven Missions

Time-sensitive, humanitarian missions:

Humanitarian Evacuation/ Resettlement

Working with other NGOs and Governments to evacuate and re-settle people where there is a direct threat to life.

High Risk Area Life Support

Providing clean water, food, medical, security and logistic support directly or through other NGOs to people in high risk areas. 

Disaster Response

Whenever possible, we deploy directly to the affected areas, working along side community members to support disaster-affected areas in meeting short and long-term needs.

Our Holistic Approach

A self-sustaining and empowered community by:


Seeking to Understand

 Establishing critical relationships to understand local challenges and systemic issues.


Safety & Education

Provide proper training, support, and communication to meet the immediate and future needs of communities of both our volunteers and those we assist through initiatives.



Facilitate both local and international cooperation so that positive changes endure and beneficial actions are reinforced.

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