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Veterans Supporting Communities Globally

Our History

Beginning on August 12, 2021, Veterans began working together to arrange transportation for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holder who served as an interpreter with U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. As the crisis evacuation operations in Afghanistan unfolded, the necessity to assist and sustain individuals who have directly supported the U.S. and NATO Forces, as well as those who have been targeted and displaced, became evermore apparent. Thanks to our volunteers' coordinated efforts during the early days of the Afghanistan crisis, people were saved and crucial, lasting alliances with external humanitarian groups were established.

Doctor and Patient
Our Mission

Veterans have the knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience needed to work and prosper in challenging environments all around the world. Veterans and everyday people who support our projects have the chance to use their skills, igniting their desire to continue to serve. 

Our Impact

Service is in our DNA and our goal is to continue to make a positive impact at the community level by delivering humanitarian assistance, wherever it may be in the world. The Lifeline Foundation has grown to include volunteers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and is expanding initiatives across several countries.

Your Support Will Provide:
  • Skill-based education and retraining.

  • Transportation such as busing or flights to safe areas.

  • Security and safe houses for people who are at risk. 

  • Resettlement and reintegration support once out of harm’s way. 

  • Direct humanitarian aid such as food and medical supplies.

  • Basic living expenses for our volunteers and teams that are forward deployed providing direct support services to any current initiatives and crises.

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Hands Holding Wooden Plate
Supporting Communities Globally

We seek to match our veterans and other supportive volunteers to communities around the world where their expertise will provide the greatest tangible impact. There are typically both local and international opportunities, but mission-driven initiatives change depending on community needs . 

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